Scholarships 2018-2019:

Please note: we are busy updating this spreadsheet.  Last year’s dates will be close to the stated scholarship deadline, so please  use these as a guideline until this academic year’s dates are published.
Oregon Gear-Up Scholarships

Over 660 scholarships covering a range of special interests.  There is a scholarship for everyone here…if you ‘apply’ yourself


2018-19 OSAC Scholarship 

 More than $18 million in FREE scholarships to help pay for college. Hundreds of scholarships available by varying criteria – high school attended, county of residence, college major, GPA, need-based, and more!
Scholarship Bee

Over 1000 scholarships covering a variety of categories from: religion,talent, weirdness,race, etc….worth a look!
Scholarships for Computer Science Majors


Scholarships For Women


The nation’s largest multi-billion dollar scholarship data-base

Scholarships for Student Caregivers