Welcome to Ridgeview High School!

College and career readiness is a phrase that you will hear often at Ridgeview High. College and career readiness requires many things to be accomplished; learning, working, studying, participating, communicating, investigating and much more to build skills and pass classes.

We firmly believe that continued education and/or training provides more opportunities in life. Don’t misunderstand, this belief does not mean every¬†student must attend a 4 year college. What we know is that employers, the military, colleges and universities and technical schools want workers and students that are well prepared. They want workers and students that are ready!

The goal for all students is to progress towards a high school diploma while planning for life after graduation. While partnering with the Raven Career Center, school counseling at RVHS focuses on three main areas:

  1. Support academic achievement
  2. Provide personal/social support
  3. Provide career development (college and career readiness skills)

The counseling portion of the RVHS website has many resources for parents and students. These resources focus on high school completion and college and career readiness. Please take some time to review these resources.
“It’s a great day to be a Raven”!

New Student Welcome Page

John Albrecht
Counselor, Grades 10 – 12 (L-Z)

Seth Burke
Counselor, Grades 10 – 12 (A-K)
Kirsten Gano
Counselor, Grades 9 (ALL, A-Z)