Student Support Team (SST) meets weekly to address concerns about Ridgeview High School students.  The team is comprised of counselors, school psychologist, school nurse, administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders.  This group explores ways to support students with their various challenges, whether they’re academic, behavioral, medical, or a combination of concerns.
Families can refer students for consultation to the SST  by downloading, completing, returning the “Parent/Guardian” form.  Students are welcome to refer themselves for support by completing the “Self referral” form and turning it in to the counseling office.
Families and Students can also fill out and submit online versions of the forms. Here are the links for the online Parent/Guardian form and the online Student Self Referral form.
Please submit completed forms to Amanda Ditto, Assistant Principal at Ridgeview High School, or contact her with questions.  (541) 504-3600x 6008 or