Yearbook A, B, C
Course #: CT200SSA1, CT200SSA2, CT200SSA3

Length & Credit: 3 trimesters/1.5 credit/ SA

Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: Instructor approval and application process

In this class, students have as their responsibility the production of the school’s yearbook. Students will serve on the yearbook staff in positions of copywriters, photographers, designers, and advertising salespersons. Students will use computer technologies to produce the yearbook, and they will learn the skills of yearbook design, layout design, desktop publishing, digital photography, record keeping, and meeting team and personal deadlines. The publication is completed using Adobe InDesign for page layout and Adobe Photoshop for photo manipulation. This is a class where students are self-directed and work in collaborative teams to create a publication that captures the essence of the school year. The yearbook class is particularly suited for students who are highly motivated, take initiative, and can work in team environments.