Whether you are moving far away or transferring to a local school or community, there are things you can do to make your transition smooth.

  1. Contact your new school and ask what they need for you to register.
  2. Go online and look at the classes they offer, find out when trimesters or semesters begin or end. Ask when the transition would be best.
  3. Contact Shelley Marks to begin the withdraw process.
  4. Finish strong, the better your grades here the more likely you will succeed at your new school.
  5. Return all books and pay all fees.
  6. On your last day stop by my office and pickup your unofficial transcript and w/d grades.
  7. A parent/guardian needs to stop by RVHS and sign a withdrawal form.

Shelley Marks
Registrar/Counseling Secretary
Ridgeview High School
(541) 504-3600 Ext 6020 Fax (541) 504-3607