E-mail sent out Tuesday 12/11/18 to all Senior students and parents:

Hello Class of 2019 Students and Parents/Guardians,

Christmas Break is coming quickly and it is a great time to work on and finish up College deadlines and planning for the future.  Here are a few important things to be thinking about:

–Wednesday December 19th the Raven Career Center will be hosting a College Campaign Day. Topis will be broken up by period and students need to sign up in the career center for a session before Tuesday the 18th.  Sessions are:  1st period-FAFSA    2nd period-Apply to College  3rd period-General Questions    4th period-Apply to College   5th period- OSAC and scholarships.  Slots are limited so make sure to sign up soon.

–Finish up those College Applications over break.  Most colleges have deadlines approaching that you must meet in order to be eligible for scholarships from those colleges. January 1st and February 1st are both big deadline days for colleges.  Check your college for specifics.

–FAFSA should be completed asap if you are headed to a 2 year or 4 year college.  ALL students should fill out the FAFSA no matter the families financial status since it is required for many colleges and most scholarships.  Information from parents’ 2017 taxes is required to fill out the FAFSA.  Go to FAFSA.gov to begin the process.  Do not delay.

–The Oregon Promise is now open.  The Oregon Promise is a state grant that helps cover tuition at any Oregon Community College.  This is a grant that is easy to apply for and have as a possible option for school and financial aid. Do not delay.  You can apply at oregonstudentaid.gov

–We have information in the Raven Career Center on Technical and Trade schools as well.  Central Oregon Community College has many exciting Programs related to this area.  Check out their website at www.cocc.edu

–Doug Miner of Miner’s Graduate Services is asking that you get your cap and gown ordered if you haven’t already.  The required purchase is the $36 cap and gown pack but there are also many other goodies available at their website www.minersgrad.com  Please get this process completed as soon as possible.

–Another great tool students can be completing over break is a Resume, Cover Letter and Activities chart.  We consider these very valuable no matter where the student is headed after High School.

The Raven Career Center provides support for all this and more.  Students should stop by and set up an appointment if they are needing assistance or have questions.  Parents and students can also e-mail us with questions.

Go Ravens!! Go Class of 2019!!

Randi Davis-randi.davis@redmondschools.org-Graduation Support Specialist

Kate Soliz-kate.soliz@redmondschools.org-Career Center Coordinator