Ridgeview High School Clubs


Academic Support Club: This club will monitor student support by using grading sheets and helping students with assignments/ projects
AdvisorYoselin Viramontes
Room: A202

Anime Club: The Anime Club plans to watch and discuss approved anime chosen by the club or as small groups within the club. These can be past, current, or upcoming series. Students will be exposed to different genres and styles of anime. We can also discuss the creation process of anime, including art, animation, and writing techniques.
AdvisorRhys Owens
Room: A130

Art Study Hall: Catch up / Get ahead on projects
AdvisorBrian Manselle
Room: A127

Athlete Study Table: Athletes participating in sports that need extra support to stay caught up in classes.
AdvisorJake Miller
Room: A225

Ballroom Dancing: Come learn how to dance Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, and Foxtrot. Have fun learning how to be elegant on the dance floor with class!
AdvisorJerry Capson
Room: PAT & Black Box

Book Club: Book Club will be a fun space to read and discuss a book of our choice! Discussions will not be as structured as your English class – this is a space meant to enjoy your books and discuss with peers!
AdvisorRyan Graville
Room: A139

Chamber Music Club: This is a club for musicians who want to focus on small group playing. Genres of music addressed is unlimited. Previous instrument experience required.
AdvisorKelly Moore
Room: C107

Chess Club:Play the classic board game of chess. This is an informal chess club for players of all ability levels.
AdvisorTed Stahl
Room: A210

Coloring Club:Immerse yourself in an elaborate coloring page and help center your day. If you love colors and fun techniques, join coloring club for good social fun! Bring your own coloring pages and pencils, or use Koike’s!
AdvisorEmi Koike
Room: A121

Corn Hole Club: Looking to play a little cornhole in the morning? Dress for the weather as we may be outside (this may include snowy days). We may add another yard game from time to time.
AdvisorGuy Millington & Travis George
Room: Upper Gym

Creative Writer’s Club: A place to gather for people to work on ALL kinds of writing; poetry, journaling, short stories, letters, song lyrics, etc. There will be optional opportunities to share your work in a supportive, judgement-free space. Optional writing prompts will be provided at every meeting to help get the creative process moving. Coffee, tea and snacks are welcome:)
AdvisorAlice Wagner
Room: A206

Crochet & Knitting Club: Got Yarn? In this club, you will learn the basics of crochet and knitting. Some starter yarn will be provided. You will need to supply your own crochet hook or knitting needles. If you are just beginning either skill, Hook size G or H for crochet and Needle size 11 or 12 for knitting. We can make scarves, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, and/or other simple creations. As members become confident in their skills, we can look into more complicated projects, like a blanket, purses/bags, and such. It’s a great time to start making some awesome gifts for friends and family!
AdvisorGeorgia Alvarez
Room: A116

CTE Study Hall: Do you need to catch up on you leaning in a CTE class? Come on down to the CTE wing and complete any classwork that you may be missing.
AdvisorMason Brunette
Room: A133

Dungeons & Dragons Club: D&D Club is for anyone–whether you’ve played the game before or not. Experienced players will begin a campaign right away and novice players will begin by working in small groups to learn about character creation and gameplay mechanics. Roll initiative and let’s go!
AdvisorWendy Weber & DJ Holloway
Room: A122

Equestrian Club (OHSET): Anyone interested in or on the OHSET team is welcome to join, work on patterns, watch video and talk horses.
AdvisorSusan Kernutt
Room: A110

European Culture Club: European Culture Club will provide a space to indulge in the rich cultures and history of Europe through images, food, sharing of experiences, and fun conversations. Each week will focus on specific areas and themes.
AdvisorRandi Slotnaes (Ms. Randi)
Room: A209

Fly Fishing Club: Fly fishing club is designed to introduce students to the sport of fly fishing and to enhance the experience of students with a fly fishing background. We welcome beginners as well as veteran anglers to the club. There will be in the classroom instruction and hands-on activities that allows members to practice and reinforce what they learn. Some topics may include entomology, knot tying, gear selection, fly choice, fly tying, safety, and the best ways to approach fly fishing a stream.
AdvisorBrandon Shotwell & Patrick Pileggi

“Garbage”- the Card Game & Uno: Come learn and play the game garbage! We will play both Uno and Garbage during this time. We invite all students to come and play amonst each other as well as mentor students learning the game.
AdvisorSharlie Tassie
Room: A105

GSA: A place to learn from each other and build a sense of community. This club is designed to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students and their allies to come together.
AdvisorSawyer Gibson
Room: A119

“Girls Who Code” Club: Work on your coding skills, get help and/or additional time to work on computer science or other classwork, or just come hang out with your fellow GWCers!
Advisor: Josh Davis
Room: A138

Guitar & Ukulele Club: In the Americana Music Club you will have the opportunity learn about the roots of American Folk Music, and the opportunity to learn basic and intermediate guitar or ukulele skills. You will have the chance to learn classic songs to share, and support with creating your own original music. We will put on small performances in the spring, for students who wish to perform. We meet during club time on Wednesdays. We will find a time to meet at lunch/ afterschool starting in November. Some guitars are available on campus, and you are encouraged to bring your own. Ukulele dontations needed or bring your own.
AdvisorVince Gianinni, Becky Becker & Chad Schmude
Room: Skybox

Indoor Gardening Club: We will learn about different types of houseplants and how to take care of them. Students will have the opportunity to propagate multiple houseplants and eventually take them home.
AdvisorMegan L’Etoile
Room: A129

Karaoke Club: Come sing karaoke with your friends! Whether you’re a Mariah Carey pro or just starting out, we welcome all levels! Songs must be school appropriate.
AdvisorBelinda Sisson
Room: A106

Key Club: A service-based club that strives to make our community better. We are constantly looking for ways to serve our community, whether that is Ridgeview or Redmond. Some of our service projects include parking lot pickup, where we find some nice weather and clean up the campus parking lots, Custodian Appreciation week, where we help our custodians and bring them treats, and we like to help other Ridgeview clubs with their service projects. Weekly meetings are a way for us to check in, discuss local projects, and find ways to make our community a better place.
AdvisorAmanda Felton
Room: A113

Language Arts Study Hall: Need help with your Langauge Arts class? Have a question about writing or reading? Need help with a specific assignment? Come in for some help!
Advisor: Jenna Crawford
Room: A123

Lego Club: Lego isn’t just for kids anymore. The AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego) movement continues to grow. It’s amazing what you can build with plastic bricks. We’ll do some building, keep things organized and learn about online resources.
AdvisorDavid Swift
Room: A205

Makeup Testing Club: Did you miss a test because you were absent? Testing club is a quiet, proctored place where teachers can send your test to be completed during club time.
AdvisorAubrey Carroll
Room: A215

Math Tutoring Club:  Come and get help with your Math work from the experts!
Advisor: Katie Weybright, Jake Williams & Laura O’Connell
Room: A224

Mental Health Club:  This club would work to raise awareness about teen mental health in our school. Partnerships with local resources would be a priority to help create a safer and welcoming environment to all students. Students will learn to identify those who need help and connect them with resources.
AdvisorBarry Branaugh
Room: A114

Mindfulness Club: Mindfulness Club offers strategies to help the students to feel more calm, effective, connected and resilient. The teacher will teach skills to manage stress, to build attention, focus and resilience.The activities are: mindful breathing, color breathing, the five senses, body scan, breaktime bell, daily gratitude, and fill labyrinths.
AdvisorRuth Longstroth
Room: B200

Period. Club: PERIOD. is a global youth-fueled nonprofit that strives to eradicate period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. Through the distribution of menstrual products, promotion of youth leadership, and championing of menstrual equity in policy, PERIOD. aims to center those disproportionately affected by period poverty and support local efforts for menstrual equity.
AdvisorLeigh Church
Room: A125

Ping Pong Club: We’re going to play ping pong and have lots of fun.
AdvisorChris Heilman
Room: Commons

Push-In Support Club: Will go to different clubs to support students who are on my class load (or other struggling students). Teachers can request my help as well.
AdvisorCrista Kuehl
Room: Rotating classrooms

Robotics Club: Calling all students interested in designing, building and programming remote-controlled robots! RVHS Robotics Club teams build amazing robots to play at local and regional VEX Challenge Tournaments. We will teach you everything you need to know – no experience required!
AdvisorCory O’Neill
Room: A137

Study Hall Club: Are you a student who wants to catch up on your learning? Or are you an AP student who wants to study extra hard so that you can ace high school and then ace college, like Mr. DeRoss did in 1998? Join study hall club! We’re all about quietly getting our learning done.
AdvisorTravis Brenner & Tim DeRoss
Room: A218

The Unified Sparrow Club: The Sparrow Club will partner with Unified Sports to promote inclusion through community service. The club will host community service events once a month. Each hour of community service completed by each individual member automatically generates $10 of funds for our “Sparrow,” who is a local child in need of medical support.
AdvisorEmily Williams & Sean Corson
Room: A115


Established Clubs:

Drama Club**: We discuss upcoming shows, service projects, attending shows performed here in Central Oregon, social activities, and are considering a trip to OSF this next spring.
Jerry Capson
Room: A212 (Drama Club meets every Tuesday at lunch)

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)**: FBLA will meet every other Wednesday at lunch. Are you planning on a career in business… or finance… or accounting… or starting your own business? If so, this is the club for you!!! Join us!
Ryan Graville
Room: A139

NHS (National Honor Society)**: Students (10th,11th, 12th) who have a cumulative grade point average above 3.0 are eligible to be considered for membership to National Honor Society. Eligible candidates will be evaluated on the basis of service to school, service to community, leadership, character and academic achievement.
Amanda Ditto
Room: Library 

F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)**: FCA will meet on Tuesdays at lunch to build a community of students and staff who are interested in growing their relationship with Christ. This is a place where students will meet fellow Christians and empower each other to grow in leadership, character, and faith.
Jenna Crawford
Room: A123  

** These established clubs DO NOT meet on Wednesdays