Unit 1 Financial Fitness

Unit 1~Financial Fitness, Goals, Budgets and Car Buying
Category: 2013
Date Assigned: 3/15/2013
Date Due: 04/05/2013

Unit 1 Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to explain how to prepare a budget that allows for “living within one’s means.”
Students will be able to apply their knowledge and economic reasoning skills to make sound personal financial decisions to meet long and short term goals
Students will be able to describe the difference between good debt, bad debt and how to calculate net worth.

PowerPoint Presentations
Financial Fitness  PowerPoint 
Financial Goals & Budgeting  PowerPoint

Assignment:  Goal Setting & Budgeting Handouts
     Upload and complete the Goal Setting forms  Worksheet
     Upload and complete “Gabrielle’s Budget”  Worksheet

Assignment:  Determining “Net Worth”
Upload and complete the form   Handout

Assignment:  Food Cost Analysis (Meal planning & pricing) 
      Upload the handout for directions   Handout

Assignment:  Car Buying Comparison
Read the “Top 10 Things to Know” about car buying.  Buying a Car Top 10 Things to Know
Answer Questions to “Top 10 Things to Know” Worksheet
     Open the link “Car Price Evaluation” handout and use Internet to complete. Car Cost Evaluation
Unit 1 Study Guide

Websites of the Week
Little Steps – 100 Great Tips for Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started

Save Money On Practically Everything (Food; Transportation; Travel; Utilities; Phone, TV & Internet; and Entertainment)