Grading Poicy

The aim of the class is to increase the student’s Spanish vocabulary and their ability to communicate and understand in written and spoken Spanish.
Students will also be exposed to elements of Hispanic culture to hopefully increase understanding of themselves and others in society and the world.
Respect + Honor + Success!!! and (resposibility)
As educators, not only are we responsible for providing instruction in a subject area (Spanish), but
also must help better prepare young people for their future outside the classroom. Therefore,
students will be responsible for turning in work on time. No late work will be accepted.
Should there be any question as to appropriate behavioral expectations or make-up work please refer to
the Student Handbook and/or contact teacher.
Internet access required for onlint textbook and possibly It is also recommended
that they have a binder or space in a binder for other Spanish handouts and to keep homework they
work on for a reference. .
The following supplies are needed from time to time on projects:
pens/pencils/eraser, glue stick, ruler, set of colored pencils/markers/crayons, scissors, index cards
1) Quizzes are generally given on Thursdays. They cover the vocabulary or grammar we have been
discussing or sometimes both. They generally are worth 10 points, but occasionally are
worth 15 – 20 points depending upon the topic and content.
2) General Class assignments are generally given 2- 4 times a week. If students fail to finish the
assignment in class, it is homework due on the next day of class at the beginning of class.
Assignments need to be completed on time to master material and become proficient. Points
may be awarded for completed assignments.
3) Class Labs are generally given 1-2 times a week. Labs are worth 5 -10 points. Generally students
are given points for participating in the lab. If they fail to participate, they lose points.
These need to be made up by the student on their own time, if they are absent (excused
absences only). They also may need to bring a partner to help with the lab if they were
absent (again excused absences only).
4) Special Projects are worth 25 – 60 points depending upon the project. Students are notified how
many points these projects are worth, when they receive them. They are also given a due
date. Special Projects need to be turned in on time or they lose 10% daily for being late.
5) Final Projects are given at the end of each semester. Final Projects are worth 100 points
and tend to serve as a review of the content of the course. This project is given in
addition to reviewing for the Final Exam.
6) Oral Exams are given one to two times a semester and are worth 50 points each. They cover
content up to that point of a student’s Spanish career.
7) Mid Terms worth 100 points will be given at the end of the quarter when possible.100 points.
8) Final Exams are given at the end of each semester. They are worth 100 points and cover
the content of the entire semester or year to date. For this reason, it is important
that students keep their work and they can refer to it during the review time for the
Final Exam.
9) REMEMBER – all the small assignments (oral activities, workbook, writing activities, listening
activities, etc.) give you the practice to do well on the tests/performances!

All work will be graded on a point system. To pass the course you must have at least 70% of
the points possible. There are no traditional “D”s!
90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
Below 70% = F
All points accumulated from graded assignments, quizzes, labs, and special projects are added
(equal weight) and grades are awarded on percentage of points earned to points
possible.There will be a link to access student grades on Señor Capson’s web site.
Details will be sent home later. Grades are updated approximately every three weeks.
You can reach them by going to RHS website then click Teacher Pages, then Capson,
then Grades.
Attendance is important. In order for students to learn and to go through the learning
activities, they need to be present. Students are allowed to make up work for excused
absences, however, students are not allowed to make up work for unexcused absences. This
policy applies to all graded work (i.e. assignments, quizes, special projects, labs, exams, etc.).
Due to the amount of participation needed, any student who misses class without making up for
their lack of participation, may not pass. Make up can be scheduled with the teacher during his
office hours.
10 unexcused absences will result in failing the course.
Extra Credit is given to students who make an effort to stay in class by not abusing their Hall
Pass. Each student is given a Hall Pass to use if they need to go to their locker or restroom.
It is good on only 3 occasions per quarter. If a student returns their Hall Pass unused, they
receive 15 points. If a student uses their Hall Pass, they receive 3 points for each remaining
unused opportunity. Students must return the Hall Pass in order to receive credit. Expired or
completely used Hall Passes are worth 0 points.
Students are encouraged to practice Spanish. They should look for opportunities to speak,
listen, read or write Spanish daily or weekly outside of class
Students are encouraged to study Spanish daily. They need to be completing assignments from
class, reviewing vocabulary (online flashcards are also available), they can also spend time
listening to Spanish music or watching Spanish television programs. Additionally, there are
many other resources available from the Student Resources link from Señor Capson’s web page
Spanish Grammar Study Guide: Students will have homework two to three times a week. It is critical for
students to practice the lesson they are assigned. Spanish Grammar Study Guides are available
for purchase for $2.15 – the Spanish 1-2 Grammar Study Guide purchased will cover through
Spanish 2; the Spanish 3 Study Guide will cover through Spanish 3 and 4. Although we cannot
require the purchase of such materials, this is the most convenient and efficient way for students
to refer to the grammar. You may pay by cash or check (made payable to RHS)