Teacher  Background

Jerry Capson grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He graduated from Skyline High School.  He served a full time two year mission to Concepción, Chile where he acquired a great love for the people, a love of the language, and a love of teaching.

After returning from South American, he attended the University of Utah where he received his BA in Spanish and BA in Theatre.  Upon graduation, he moved to La Grande, Oregon where he earned his Masters in Teacher Education from Eastern Oregon University.

Jerry has taught in Oregon since 1996.  He taught his first seven years at Dayton High School.  After moving to Redmond, he taught at Redmond High School for nine years.  In 2012 Ridgeview High School was opened and he was selected to teach Spanish there.  Currently, Jerry teaches Spanish at a variety of levels at Ridgeview High School.

Jerry is married to a former Redmond High School graduate.  They have been married since 1993 and have eight children.

Educational Philosophy

Señor Capson’s educational philosophy is for students to become responsible and gain an appreciation for the Spanish language and culture.  The level of Spanish use will vary in a student’s life after school.  The more they practice the better they will become.  Señor Capson is available to help students after schools most days.  He is available to help before school and by appointment.

Spanish is a skill and a talent.  Everyone has different talents and abilities.  I would like each student to work to the best of their abilities.