Hendrick Learning Essentials

Learning Essentials

When you are enrolled in Learning Essentials you will be provided opportunities to:

1)      Work on assignments for your academic classes.
2)      Improve your study skills and task management.
3)      Make progress towards meeting your IEP goals.

This course supports the Career-Related Learning Standards designed by the State of Oregon. Students are graded on their proficiency and progress towards meeting these standards.


1)      Maintain an orderly, productive classroom where you can do your best work
2)      Be available to help you with your school work and help you find resources.
3)   Assist you in organizing your work load and prioritizing your study tasks.
4)   Provide individualized instruction according to IEP goals.


1)      Bring your class work and all materials for assigned work.
2)      Have a study plan at the beginning of the period.  Know what you are going to work on and be prepared.

3)      Be on time.  We will follow the school’s tardy policy.  If all body parts are not physically in the door when the bell rings you are tardy.
4)      Show up.  Attendance is very important to your school success.
5)      Bring a note from your teacher if you need to be excused to work on projects in another classroom during Learning Essentials. Most teachers do not like to be interrupted during class time so we won’t release you without a note showing that your teacher is expecting you.
6)      Work diligently to make progress on your IEP goals.
7)      Communicate with us if you start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated.  We can help you organize and prioritize tasks.  We can also help you approach your teacher for help or to discuss an issue such as a deadline or an accommodation.


You will receive .5 elective credit each term for passing Learning Essentials. You will be given points daily for meeting the Career-Related Learning Goals designed by the State of Oregon. There is no additional homework for this class.  Off-task or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Other arrangements for your study time will be arranged.

A studious classroom will be maintained for the benefit of all.