Millington Grading Policy & Expectations

RVHS PE Scoring Guide 

Physical Education Goal

The goal of the physical education department is to engage students in fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle in a fun and innovative manner.  Students should gain a knowledge and appreciation of various sports, rules, strategies and skills that may enable them, in the future, to become a lifelong learner of fitness. They should also be able to accept responsibility for their actions and be able to function effectively in individual and group activities.

Enthusiastic, Proud, Invested, Character

E=Come to class with an enthusiasm to be your best and perform to your best daily.

P=Being proud of the facilities you have been granted and take care of all equipment and locations anywhere in the building.

I=For the next 12 weeks make an effort to improve yourself physically, mentally, and socially. Time invested here can benefit you for a lifetime.

C=Character: to treat everyone in class with respect including guest teachers, custodians, and anyone else in the building that is here for you. What do people think of you at the end of the day?

Formula For Success

In order to succeed in class, there are four basic classroom expectations:

1.       50% Effort, Participation, and a Great Attitude everyday

2.       25% Dressing Down (dress down everyday unless otherwise notified)

3.       25% Skills (The ability to control objects/self in an active state)

Percentage Breakdown:

A= 90%-100%     B= 80-90%    C= 70-79%     D= 65-69%     F= 64 and below

Effort, Participation, and Great Attitude

50 points each week of Effort, Participation and Great Attitude includes the following:

  • Being prepared for class (dressed and on time)
  • Breaking a sweat in warm ups
  • Full participation in warm ups, exercises, drills, and play
  • Skills and technique work is practiced and taken seriously
  • Being a good citizen to everyone in class
  • Helping with equipment set up and breakdown
  • Following gym and locker room requirements

Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra credit opportunities will be offered.  A maximum of 100 points can be awarded with extra credit opportunities. It is your responsibility to communicate with your teacher on when they can be done. An extra credit is 10 points and twenty minutes of exercise decided between you and your teacher. Extra credit opportunities are not something you do on a regular basis.

Extra credit opportunities are for those students that have lost points for absences, non-suits, tardies or just want to improve their grade. All extra credits are to be done at school supervised by a teacher.

Injuries, Medical Notes, Parent Notes

All injuries, medical notes and parent notes are respected. Students will have the opportunity to do what they can in class with modifications. If non-participation is required for the student to sit out of class a short PE/Health assignment can be done during the class period. This assignment will take place of the Effort, Participation and Great Attitude grade for the day. For each non-participation day the student will need a modification or assignment.

Gym Requirements

1.       Gym Tradition

2.       Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK in the gym and locker rooms.

3.       Everyone will stay on benches outside the locker room until the passing bell rings.

4.       Showers are REQUIRED daily. Please shower for your classmate’s sake. This is a hygiene issue. Towels are provided for showers.

5.       Please LOCK all your belongings. Theft can happen.

6.       Team rooms are OFF LIMITS during the school day.

7.       NO CELL PHONES, IPODS OR HEADPHONES in the gym or locker room.


1.       No gum

2.       Remove Jewelry, including watches

3.       Locker room safety (No running)

4.       Hats and Sunglasses are NOT allowed. Hats will be allowed if outside.

Dress Code

Every student is responsible for the proper dress within 3 days of the first day.

1.        Tee Shirt with sleeves:  Any color is ok.  You need to have a separate shirt for PE and it needs to follow the Ridgeview High School dress policy. NO TANK TOPS or CUT OFF SHIRTS

2.       Gym Shorts:  Shorts must be designed to support athletic movement.  They need to have a drawstring or elastic band.  Cut-offs, denim shorts or any shorts with zippers or buttons are not acceptable. Sweat pants are also acceptable.

3.       Shoes:  Athletic shoes are the only acceptable form of footwear for PE.  They must have a non-marking sole.  Clean socks are also required.