1. Attendance — when students aren’t here they miss out.  Other than medical reasons or family emergencies, students shouldn’t be absent.  If it’s unavoidable, then work should be taken care of before the student returns.  Please adhere to the school calendar and schedule your family vacations accordingly.
2. Preparation — students need to treat school like a job.  They need to take it seriously and work hard. Employers will expect your child to be on time and complete necessary tasks.  This is where students practice those behaviors.
3. Engagement — students need to be involved in the class.  If the class becomes “boring” then students need to examine what they need to do to refocus on the class.
4. Focus — students would like to believe they are multi-taskers . . .  they aren’t.  Yes, they can text, listen to music, be on the computer, and make a sandwich all at the same time much better than our generation can, BUT, studies have shown that when trying to do multiple things at once, the most difficult tasks suffer.  Please observe how they do homework.  If they are attempting to “multi-task” they will struggle with homework.
5. Outside distractions — students need to remove barriers to focusing on the class.  Music and cell phones are the biggest distractors.  Our new cell phone policy prohibits them during class.  If a student is accessing his or her phone during class, he or she will lose the phone.  Please don’t try to contact your child via cell phone during class.  If it is an emergency, call the office at 541-504-3600 and they will get your child right away.
6. Outside activities that can get in the way:
• Working too many hours at an outside job
• Too much media time — video games, social media, television, etc.
• Not getting enough sleep
• Not doing any reading for pleasure — please have your child read daily; magazines, newspapers, books — anything to practice the skill
7. Ways to contact me:
Email: barry.branaugh@redmondschools.org (this is the best way to reach me)
School phone: 541-504-3600 extension 6211
Home phone — 541-480-3889 (please do not call after 9 P.M.)