Advanced Placement Exam Review Materials

This is the unit review activity, as well as the explanations of the themes, and historical thinking skills
Student Handout skills themes concepts unit review

This is the study guide for the AP Exam, what will be on the exam, and patterns and trends within time (could be useful for both the essay portions but also the short answer and multiple choice)

Unit Review Calendar

These are the themes for the course and main ideas (could be useful on the essay portions)

Themes and Essential Statements

These are practice multiple choice tests (you will need to print off or take on the computer)

Practice Multiple Choice

Practice Test Answers

Practice Multiple Choice #2

Practice Test Answers #2

Here are some potential long essay prompts.  Work on quickly (3-5 minutes) coming up with a thesis statement and evidence of support that you would use in each essay.

Practice Essay Prompts