General information

This year-long course is designed to give students a comprehensive in-depth study of United States History.  The course will involve extensive reading, note-taking, building an historical vocabulary, analyzing historians’ viewpoints, and the development of higher level thinking and writing skills.  The course will be equivalent to a full-year introductory college course.  Students will develop historical knowledge and the analytical skills to deal critically with complex issues in U.S. History.  Such areas as economic and social development, political history, foreign affairs, literacy and cultural history will be covered in detail.

Advanced Placement United States History Exam

Students will be prepared to take the A.P. exam in May.  This year’s exam will be on Friday, May 8, 2020.  The exam will be from 8AM to noon, and the cost is $75.  The structure of the exam, which is three hours and fifteen minutes long, is:

  • PART I
    • A 55 minute multiple choice section (55 questions) – 40% of the score
    • A 40 minute short answer section (3 questions) – 20% of the score
    • One 60 minute Document Based Question (DBQ) –25% of the score
    • One 40 minute long essay (choice of three under same theme) – 15% of the score

The College Entrance Examination Board has established the following guidelines for Advanced Placement:

5 = Extremely well qualified

4 = Well qualified

3 = Qualified

2 = Possibly Qualified

1 =  No Recommendation

While institutions of higher education have their own criteria, a four or five is usually accepted for college credit and a three might be accepted.  Ones and twos are not accepted.

Class Expectations

  • Attendance (most critical piece to success)
  • Completion of reading assignments on time
  • Come to class prepared
  • Contribution to class discussion
  • Completion of written assignments on time (as a college level course, no late work)
  • Communication – you must ask for help when you are confused

Grading Scale

Multiple choice exams = 35%

Essays = 35%

Short answers = 10%

Reading quizzes and assessments = 10%

Unit reviews = 10%


90%-100%      = A

80%-89%        = B

70%-79%        = C

60%-69%        = D

0%-59%          = F

High School Credits Earned


1st Trimester = Global History 3 credit

2nd Trimester = Social Studies Selective credit

3rd Trimester = General Social Studies credit


1st Trimester = General Social Studies credit

2nd Trimester = General Social Studies credit

3rd Trimester = General Social Studies credit

*If you have not met GH3 or Social Studies selective credits, they will be earned in this course

As a college level class an A will not be easy to earn!  You will have to work at it!

College Credit Option

This course will be articulated with Southern Oregon University and will be History 250 and 251 through SOU.  Passing the course will guarantee you up to eight college credits that will transfer to any college that will accept courses from Southern Oregon University.

This opportunity will cost approximately $172 per four credit course or $344 for the year.  The college courses run from September to January and January to May.  For comparison purposes, to take these two courses on the campus of Southern would cost about $1,300


A separate grade system will be set up for the college grades, which will carry college expectations.  The two differences are as follows:
1. If a student is absent on a test day (for any reason) and has not communicated this absence with the teacher, a zero will be the resulting test score (as would happen in a college course).
2.  There will be no retakes of tests for the college grade (as would happen in a college course).

In the spring term students will take either the AP exam or an in-class equivalent.  The AP exam will not count toward the class grade (unless it’s a 4 or 5), but the in-class equivalent will count as a class grade.

Retake Policy (high school grade only)

Retakes will only be given to students who can demonstrate they have done all reading for the unit, and have a completed study guide.  Retakes will be given to achieve a C- grade.

The student focus needs to be on preparation not retakes; I will provide students with help leading up to tests as well as review sessions before tests.  No retakes will be given for the college portion of the course.


Contact information

You may contact me at school at:                               Or at home at:                        541-480-3889

541-504-3600 X 6211 or X 6143                               (please, no calls after 9PM)


The best way to stay informed is through my website.  If you have an accurate email in the school’s Synergy system, you will get regular updates.


I am truly looking forward to this course!  I hope it is rewarding for you.



Barry Branaugh