FAN: Family Access Network

Program Description:
The concept of a network of social service agencies partnering closely to support disadvantaged families began in Deschutes County in 1993. Out of the initial conversation and planning came the Family Access Network (FAN). FAN is unique to Deschutes County in two ways. First, FAN has created and maintains a network of health and social service providers, schools, businesses, community organizations and individuals who collaborate to ensure children receive the services they need most. Second, FAN provides advocates in all Deschutes County public schools and local early childhood sites. FAN advocates are hired by the schools as service brokers who link children and families to critical social supports in the community. Working through one dedicated advocate, a child or parent is referred for dental work, job opportunities, clothing, rent assistance, childcare support, health insurance, and more. Since its inception, FAN has proven itself to be an extremely successful program and model.
Many families in our communities struggle to make it from day to day. Inadequate housing, hunger, health and mental health problems and unemployment all contribute to an ongoing cycle of poverty. FAN connects families with what they need to move past road blocks so that their children can stay in school and benefit from the advantages of a good education.