It Is Important to Plan Ahead
Redmond Schools are committed to preparing all students for the intense and competitive academic setting of college. Entrance requirements vary greatly among colleges and universities. Please contact individual colleges or universities for their specific entrance requirements.

Students who have the potential of participating in athletics in college need to pay special attention to the NCAA ( and NAIA ( requirements section under Athletic Planning and Policies.

Early Graduation
Students who plan to complete their program in less than four years must have a written agreement through their counselor. At the time of early graduation, the student is withdrawn from school per State requirements. They may return to participate in graduation activites if they have made prior arrangements to do so. It is the responsibility of the student to access school information regarding graduation exercises and requirements. Students who complete their program early will not be in consideration for Valdictorian or Salutatorian.

Transferring College Credit
Students who take college courses may have those courses and credits placed on their high school transcript. However, prior planning with the high school counselor is critical. College credits being used to meet Redmond School District diploma requirements may require administrative approval.
4 or 5 credits (college) = 1.0 credits (HS)
3 or 2 credits (college) = 0.50 credits (HS)
1 credit (college) = 0 credits (HS) unless two 1 credit college courses are taken. At that point, the student will then earn .50 credit for the two classes combined (entered as .25 each).

College Credit Opportunities
Some high school courses offer the opportunity for the student to earn college credits while enrolled in the course at the high school. Please take note of this information as you are reviewing course descriptions.

Expanded Options – Contact your student’s counselor for more information.

Advanced Diploma – Contact the Career Center for more information.

G.E.D. Testing – Contact your student’s counselor for more information.