Athletic/Activity Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in an OSAA co-curricular activity, a student must have passed a minimum number of courses during the term prior to their activity, as well as be enrolled in, and passing a minimum number of courses while their athletic/activity is occurring. Work experience does not count as one of the five classes. Office assistant and teacher assistant assignments will count as one of the five classes. The minimum number of courses required is based on the number of courses/credits the student attempted during the prior term and the current term, as shown below:

Number of classes offered: Minimum number of classes passed/passing
5 (2.5 credits) 4 (2.0 credits)
7 (3.5 credits) 5 (2.5 credits)

In order to participate in practice or a contest, the participant must be in attendance all day of such practice or contest. Any exceptions to this must be cleared through the administration.

NCAA / NAIA Requirements
Families and students are responsible for knowing the NCAA and/or NAIA requirements and deadlines. Students who have the potential of participating in athletics at the NCAA or NAIA level need to log on to the appropriate website to find out what the academic eligibility requirements are to be certified by the NCAA or NAIA. If students choose courses that do not meet the requirements, they could be risking eligibility. Additional information can be found on the NCAA website at and the NAIA website at