Welcome to the forecasting guide for Ridgeview High School. Prior to selecting courses, students should refer to this guide and become familiar with course options and learning opportunities at the high school.

Before you get started, you will need:
▪grade-specific forecasting form for current RVHS students
▪If you currently live in the boundary area for one high school, but wish to apply for a transfer to other high school, you will need to complete a transfer request.

When choosing courses, students should refer to their current transcript to ensure that selections are appropriate to meet graduation requirements and post-graduation plans such as college entrance requirements. As you are looking at course descriptions (to the right), pay attention to the following information:
▪Graduation requirement(s) the course fulfills
▪Grade levels allowed to take the course
▪Length and credits of the course
▪Prerequisites for the course
▪Specific information unique to the course such as transportation required, supplies, fees, or the possibility of earning college credit

Students are encouraged to see their counselor if they have specific questions about course selections or their graduation plan. Parents should work with their students during the forecasting process. Parent signature is preferred on the completed forecasting form.