Name Position Phone Email
Albrecht, John Counselor, Grades 9 & 11  541.504.3600 Email
MacKenzie, Karen Counselor, Credit Recovery 541.504.3600 Email
Viggiano, Randi Counselor, Grades 10 & 12  541.504.3600 Email
Carpenter, Dru Scheduler/Data  541.504.3600 Email
Marks, Shelley Registrar/Counseling Secretary (541)504-3600 x6020
Fax (541)504-3607

How Can We Help You?

Individual Counseling: Help process personal, family, relationship, stress, and anxiety issues
Mediation: Work on conflict resolution between students, parents, and teachers.
Group Counseling (time permitted): Girls Group, Drugs and Alcohol, Anger Management, Grief.
Academic Assistance: Study skills support, Academic scheduling, Future planning.

Mission Statement:
The program will provide services that support every student’s academic, social-emotional and vocational development toward becoming a responsible and contributing member of our complex changing society.

The program is an essential part of the overall educational process and is integrated throughout students’ high school experiences. Each student is best served by a network of supporters, including RHS faculty, parents, and the community. It is the belief of the Counseling program staff that educational, vocational and personal objectives are attainable by all students.

We Believe:
•Educational, vocational and personal objectives being attainable by all students
• Serving each and every student at their developmentally appropriate level.
• Counselors demonstrating personal and professional ethical competencies.
• All students having access to a state licensed counselor or child development specialist.
• Continuing professional development and opportunities for professional growth both individually and collectively.
• Counselors connecting and networking with community, regional, state and national agencies and organizations in order to access appropriate resources and support for students and families
• The evaluation of counselors utilizing evaluation instruments reflective of counselor roles and responsibilities.
• Utilizing a recognized framework/tool and standard for evaluating the counseling and guidance program for the district.