Future Center

The Raven Future Center is here for students and parents as a resource for information and links to Scholarships, Internships, Financial Aid, College and Career Readiness and More!!

Kate is the Career Center Coordinator at Ridgeview High School.

INTERNSHIPS: Paid & Volunteer

Youth CareerConnect (YCC)  provides Internship opportunities for high school and college-age students. Through these opportunities, local employers provide “real-world” work experience for students. Schedule a meeting and connect with your regional Internship Coordinator Today!

Central Oregon Community College: Virtual Admissions

Learn more through live webinars, events, and resources.  Find out what COCC is all about with a series of live webinars just for you!  Learn about paying for college, degree options, residence life, and much more!

Healthcare Career Occupations

This short video about Healthcare Career Occupations will give you a thorough understanding of what certifications and degrees one can attain while attending Central Oregon Community College

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