Unit 2 Chapters 7, 8 & 11

Chapter 7
Taking Risks and Making Profits within the Dynamic Business Environment
 Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:
  1. Describe the changes occuring today in the managment function.
  2. Describe the four functions of management.
  3. Relate the planning process and decision making to the accomplishment of company goals.
  4. Describe the organizing function of management..
  5. Explain the difference between leaders and managers, and describe the various leadership styles.
  6. Summarize the five steps of the control function of management.
Reading  Chapter 7
Spotlight on Small Business  Blue Man Group
Chapter 8
Structuring Organizations for Today’s Challenges
After you have read and studied this chapter, you should be able to:
  1. Outline the basic principles of organization management.
  2. Compare the organizational theories of Fayol and Weber.
  3. Evaluate the choices managers make in structuring organizations.
  4. Contrast the various organizational models.
  5. Identify the benefits of interfirm cooperation and coordination.
  6. Explain how organizational culture can help businesses adapt to change.
Reading  Chapter 8
Powerpoint Chapter 8 ppt
Chapter 11
Human Resource Management:  Finding and Keeping the Best Employees 
After you have read and studied this chapter, you should be able to:
  1. Explain the importance of human resource management, and describe current issues in managing human resources.
  2. Illustrate the effects of legislation on human resource management.
  3. Summarize the five steps in human resource planning.
  4. Describe methods that companies use to recruit new employees, and explain some of the issues that make recruitment challenging.
  5. Outline the six steps in selecting employees.
  6. Illustrate employee training and development methods.
  7. Trace the six steps in appraising employee performance.
  8. Summarize the objectives of employee compensation programs, and evaluate pay systems and fringe benefits.
  9. Demonstrate how managers use scheduling plans to adapt to workers’ needs.
  10. Describe how employees can move through a company: promotion, reassignment, termination, and retirement.
Reading   Chapter 11
Powerpoint  Chapter 11 ppt
Reaching Beyond Our Borders Working Worldwide