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                                                            Sam Platt
                                                            Athletic Director
                                                            Phone: 541.504.3600 x6007
                                                            FAX: 541.316.2853
Sharon Langeliers
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Phone: 541.316.2850
FAX: 541.316.2853
Natalie Swanson
RVHS Athletic Trainer

If a player participates in multiple practices in a single day, they need to complete this form more than once: http://bit.ly/rsdcheckin
This form needs to be completed by a parent, for each sport, before their student(s) can participate in any activities: http://bit.ly/rsdcovidwaiver

To be REGISTERED for a sport, the following must be completed:

* Online registration through FamilyID  
* Pay to Play fee paid. Payments can be made at the Athletic or Bookkeeping Office or through  RSD Online Payments.
* Current physcial on file with the Athletic Office. Note that all 9th grade athletes must have a new physical for 9th grade.

To be ELIGIBLE for athletic competition, the following must be completed:
* Completed FamilyID registration, pay to play fees paid, physical turned in.
* Proof of insurance and academiceligibility.
* Athletic Clearance slip completed and turned in.
* If coming from another school district or in-district, transfer paperwork turned in.

Please call the Athletic Office, 541.316.2850, if you have any questions.

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Link to Ridgeview Student Handbook: 2019-2020 Student Handbook


The Ridgeview High School Substance Abuse policy will be in effect from the time a student is first identified as an athlete in any school athletic program until they graduate. The rules are in effect at all times of the calendar year including non-school days.  Student athletes must conduct themselves in a lawful and ethical manner at all times, whether or not on school property. Student athletes who engage in rules violations and/or unlawful conduct at any time, whether on or off campus, including but not limited to conduct that result in an arrest, indictment and/or conviction may lead to discipline up to and including suspension from athletics if the conduct causes or likely will cause a substantial disruption to the educational program. The use of tobacco (smoking, vaping, chewing or possession) is prohibited. The use of alcohol and other drugs (possession, use or trafficking) is prohibited.


  1. Two-week suspension from competition, which begins on the 1st play date following the infraction, but the participant is eligible to attend practice sessions.
  2.  The athletic director will communicate with the participant, parents, and appropriate coaches or advisor.


1. Participant will be withdrawn from his/her current team for the remainder of that athletic/activity competition season. Additionally, the student will be placed on athletic/activity probation and will be suspended, for a minimum of the first 50% of regular season contests or play dates for his/her next athletic/activity season; beginning with the first OSAA sanctioned date of competition. During the second athletic/activity season, attendance at practice is mandatory. The participant must fully complete the athletic season in good standing. Failure to do so will result in continuing the probation and a minimum of the first 50% of regular season contests or play dates for the participant’s next athletic/activity season. The Athletic Director will review conditions of all suspensions/probations with the participant, parent/guardian and coach/advisor. A contract will be signed by the participant, parent/guardian and coach/advisor, in order for the student to participate. This contract may include expectations in regards to academics, high school attendance and behavior at school.

2. If a student participates in a drug/alcohol treatment program prior or during his/her suspension the consequence will be reduced 25% of the sport/activity season as long as the student completes the program.  The Athletic Director will monitor the attendance and completion of the program.

3. The Athletic director will communicate with the participant, parents, and appropriate coaches or advisor.


1. Suspension from participation for one calendar year.

*All suspensions are considered served after one calendar year from the date the violation occurred.

Ridgeview High School will honor suspensions from an athlete’s former school, subject to our appeal process.

The preceding policy carries through the participant’s four years of participation. These policies are in effect once a student begins practice in the first activity they choose to participate.

Example 1: A participant receives a first violation during the freshman year and is suspended from competition for two weeks. The participant receives a second violation in the fall of his/her senior year; they receive the consequences that apply outlined above.

Example 2: A student violates the substance abuse policy a week after the spring athletic/activity season. The participant will fulfill the violation consequences the following year in the first athletic or activity season in which he/she participates.

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