Academic integrity is expected at Ridgeview High School.  Students demonstrating academic integrity do their own work and experience their own learning.  Honorable student conduct includes:

  • Completing assignments, quizzes, and tests according to teacher guidelines
  • Citing sources of information that are not their own or common knowledge
  • Seeking clarification when unsure about acceptable behaviors or practices
  • Encouraging peers to act with honesty and integrity
  • Reporting suspected violations (reports can be kept anonymous)


Academic dishonesty is unacceptable at Ridgeview High School.  Examples of violations of the Academic Honor Code include (but are not limited to):

  • Copying another student’s work
  • Allowing another to copy from one’s own work
  • Unpermitted collaboration (group work)
  • Plagiarizing:  Taking someone else’s ideas, from the Internet or other sources, and passing them off as your own (such as copying and pasting, not citing sources whether quoted or paraphrased)
  • Giving or receiving unpermitted aid
  • Using outside materials when not permitted (examples include phones, pictures, notes, other people, Chromebooks)


All Academic Honor Code violations will be referred to Student Management.  Students in violation of Ridgeview’s Academic Honor Code face disciplinary consequences.  Consequences may include (but are not limited to) parent contact, technology restrictions, zero credit for the work, detention, or suspension.  Consequences are dependent upon the severity and frequency of the infraction(s).