Welcome to the Ridgeview Ravens Booster Club!

Ravens Booster Website

Who are the Boosters?

We are the Boosters! We are the parents and supporters of Ridgeview High School in Redmond, Oregon. If you have a student at Ridgeview, are on staff at RVHS, or have been a student at RVHS, consider yourself a Booster.

The Booster Mission:
To support the arts, athletics, activities and clubs at Ridgeview High School, in pursuit of a full and enriching academic experience for every student.

Why Boosters?
Helping Ridgeview students reach new heights is what we are all about. We are the equivalent of the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) for RVHS. The Booster Club is how parents plug in and help out. We work with the faculty and students to make Ridgeview the best it can be.

What do the Boosters do?
First, we recruit and organize volunteers to help with a variety of activities, from running concession stands to stuffing report cards. As a registered Booster supporter, you will be kept informed of the many opportunities and options that allow each of us to get involved in our own way.

Second, we raise funds to support our students’ education at Ridgeview High School. The funds raised go directly back into the school to benefit classroom needs, arts programs, clubs and activities, and athletic teams. We manage an array of fundraising programs — and because we are a non-profit organization, most donations (financial, in-kind, etc.) are tax-deductible.

We are an active, vital organization that meets monthly to determine how we can help build a stronger school community.

So… what will YOU do to boost up Ridgeview?